agricultural specialties and plantation

Growing Agriculture.
prosperous farmer.

We optimize the rich variety of Indonesian crops and agricultural products, this sector attracts the world’s attention to Indonesia. We want to work together to build live through the agricultural and plantation sectors in Indonesia

Our Products

products that can be obtained from Indonesian crops with a variety of plants and natural products.




Our Story

supply the best agricultural and plantation products.

Trimitra Anugerah Global specializes in the sale of agriculture and plantation. Our organization was founded with the intention of expanding and progressing with farmers in order to advance and create a high-value agricultural and plantation industry in Indonesia. We optimize the rich variety of Indonesian agricultural and agricultural products, because this sector attracts the world’s attention to Indonesia.



of agriculture and plantations in Indonesia

Fresh & Healthy

Taken from the plantation directly


selected with high standards

Why Us?

We prioritize sustainable cooperation by paying attention to sustainability and social values so as to create a mutually beneficial business.

Firsthand Experience

You have direct access to business actors, which allows you to obtain competitive price bids.

Product Quality

our organization has standards and processes for each process, our quality is guaranteed with many partners to maintain the stability of food supply.

Track Record

Our partners have a lot of experience in their professions, so they consistently provide high-quality items.

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We open a mutually beneficial business cooperation, tell me what you need let’s work together.

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